Life Stages

Life Stages where Family Strength Coaching can help:


Today there are all different shapes and sizes of families. There are traditional families, single parent, same sex parent, multi-generational, and blended families. Communication, establishing boundaries, and working together for the family vision are the keys to success and happiness.  Amy can work with you to establish schedules, rules, boundaries, and creating and maintaining family traditions.  Creatively, together, we will find positive routes toward your goals.

  • Co-parenting – Working together, regardless of your relationship with your child’s other parent, to provide a happy and healthy stable environment is the one of the most amazing gifts you can pass along to your child or children. Amy will work with any combination of family members to assist you achieving harmony and balance in your separate, yet connected, homes.

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Understanding and obtaining your individual goals and vision are very important to finding fulfillment both personally and professionally. Having awareness enables one to build an environment of happiness and success in every area of your life. Through the coaching process, Amy will coach you in discovering and attaining your goals.

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This journey to parenthood can be filled with many questions and new feelings. With coaching, Amy can navigate both intended parents through all of the excitement, apprehension, and uncertainty that may arise so that you feel confident in transitioning into your new role.

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So now you are home with your new bundle of joy! Now what do you do? Where do you begin?  Amy can coach you through these early weeks and months of the first year by helping to establish healthy habits, new schedules, staying connected to yourself and your partner, as well as, creating a new bond and union with your baby. If feelings of postpartum adjustment and sadness come up, coaching can help you navigate your options and regain your sense of happiness. Throughout the first year your questions change.  As your newborn becomes an infant, coaching can adjust to your needs.

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Testing limits and boundaries, striving for independence, temper tantrums, picky eating, toilet training, sleep schedules, can all have a big impact on the family vision. Amy can assist you in managing these challenges and moving from the frustrations to the fun toddler years.

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Subsequent Child

Questions like “What is the best age span between siblings?”, “How will my toddler handle a new baby?”, “Can my family adjust to yet another schedule change?”, and “Can I give anymore to another person?” These questions frequently emerge at this stage. Coaching can help steer you and your family through these, and other life-changing choices and decisions, so you can discover what is right for you as well as keeping the balance.

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School Age Children

Maybe you are feeling like Society, disguised as a school bus, came and stole my baby away… or thankful for some “alone time” during the day. As there are many changes faced when your child goes to school, your child is faced with new experiences during these school age years. Some include the beginning of true responsibility at school and home, navigating new peer relationships, identifying learning difficulties, and increased extracurricular activities. Coaching can focus on assisting families in mapping out these uncharted territories.

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Change, change, change! With so many forks in the road, the path into adolescence is filled with many bumps and turns. “Who am I?”, “Where do I fit in?”, “How do others see me?”, “Where am I going?” and “How do I get there?” Coaching can help your pre-teen during this transitional time, as well as your ever changing, possibly tense relationship with your child.  Coaching can help you and your family focus on constructing a smooth journey to young adulthood.

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The Teen Years

High school brings on so many new struggles: independence is desired and your teen is faced with many added pulls from extracurricular commitments, class assignments, homework, peer pressure, social media, drugs and / or alcohol issues, and college planning. Amy can coach you and/or your teen and provide tools that can help your young adult achieve independence and success.

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Group or Organizational Coaching

Would you like to get something more out of your playgroup, coffee hour or professional organization? Have you ever considered supporting your staff thought an educational luncheon? Family Strength Coaching can offer educational presentations at your home, office or social group that are geared to your specific goals. Some presentations include:

  1. Issues of school age children
  2. The adolescent years
  3. Time management
  4. Increased productivity
  5. Healthy communication…and so much more

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