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2014-12-17_16h42_29 Life Skills Report Card
Patterned after traditional academic report cards, the Life Skills Report Card (LSRC) has five main categories: Personal Care, Organizational Skills, Respect for Self and Others, Communication, and Social Skills. Each category has six subcategories. A numerical scale (one being the lowest – five the highest) provides an easy way to chart your children’s progress.
Family Coaching Resource - The New York Times Table Talk: The New Family Dinner
Because of the cultural whiplash I experienced in regularly attending two remarkably different family meals, I have always been fascinated by the range of conversations that pass for normal at other people’s homes at mealtime: what rituals and rules of discourse do parents invent, to what conventions do they default or aspire?
Life Coaches Help Turn Dreams Into Reality Life coaches can help turn dreams into reality
Everyone faces challenges, and most won’t ever look beyond a friend or spouse for guidance. But Sincero said there are times we all should, and that’s where a life coach can help. “If you have been trying to achieve something over and over and over and you are not achieving it, it may be time to get some help,” Sincero said.
25 Manners Every Kid Needs by 9 25 Manners Every Kid Needs By Age 9
It seemed that in the hustle and bustle of daily life, few moms and dads had been able to focus on everyday etiquette.
Age Appropriate Chores for kids Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids
See what chores are appropriate for your childre. Remember that specific abilities and maturity levels should play a part when assigning chores!
Top 10 Family Values Top 10 Essential Family Values
How do you define family values? In our home family values are rules or ideals that, as a family, we agree to live by and stay true to. The list of essential family values would be a mile long no doubt and the top 10 lists for each family would be as unique as the one that came up with it.
How Can A Parent Coach Help Your Family How a Parent Coach Can Help Your Family with Challenges
Kids out of bounds? Family dreams in the foul zone? The growing parent coaching profession could offer the advice and solutions moms and dads need.
Dad Conversation Starters 12 Conversation Starters to Encourage Your Kids’ Dreams
What places do you dream about visiting? What college do you dream about attending? Who do you dream your life will be like?
Hands Free Mamma Hands Free Mama
This blog is for anyone who wants to re-think how he or she is living (or not living) life. It’s for anyone who wants to let go of daily distraction and perfection to embrace what really matters.
10 Facts About Kids Bill Corbett
Bill’s workshops and classes help parents and professionals examine what is in their “Discipline Toolboxes” and evaluate the fact that many of these tools are outdated and no longer work effectively. Raising children in today’s world requires a different approach to discipline and an admission that parents and teachers today need different tools.
Aha! Parenting Aha! Parenting
Parenting is tough, but it isn’t complicated. From tantrums to texting, the secret of happy parenting is a close relationship with your child. Thousands of research studies over the past four decades show us exactly what kids need to turn out great.
Talking To Your Child After You Yell Talking to Your Child After You Yell
Every parent has lost their temper with his or her child. In fact, researchers say there are signs parental yelling is on the rise. Sue Shellenbarger has the latest research on how to avoid blowing up, and mother of two Leigh Fransen shares her story.Watch the Video Version
ppclogo The Most Helpful Parenting Articles of 2014
Here is a collection of the most helpful parenting articles of 2014 from fantastic parenting writers and educators covering topics like yelling, power struggles, behavior, picky eating, marriage, divorce, anxiety, smart phones, cyberbullying, and more, plus some of the most popular posts from the positive parenting connection.